Disability Football

How do i find my local disability football team?
Please click to view a map of Disability teams within Lincolnshire - 
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 2:42 PM
What disability leagues are available in the County?
There is one PAN Disability League in Lincolnshire. Delivered by the County FA, the Lincolnshire Ability Counts League has an adult's division, with fi...
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 2:48 PM
What is Pan-disability Football?
This is the format that most disabled footballers participate in. This format is the integration of differing impairments playing in a single format together.
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 2:49 PM
What is Impairment specific football?
Football can also be played under seven classifications with rule adaptations for their needs. The seven classifications are: Blind Partially sighted ...
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 2:54 PM
What are the age bandings for the Ability Counts League?
Lincolnshire Fa currently only offer an adults Ability Counts League which is specifically for players aged 16 years old and above. However, please contact ...
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 2:58 PM
What are Turn Up & Play disability football sessions?
These sessions provide a transition from recreational to structured football. Turn Up & Play allow players the opportunity to play in a relaxed, fun and...
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 3:01 PM
Where can i find my local recreational disability sessions?
Please CLick Here to view a map of Disability teams within Lincolnshire.
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 3:07 PM
Is there a training course available to develop my knowledge of disability football?
Lincolnshire FA run a FA Coaching Disabled Footballers course, for more information about this course and others available click here
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 3:12 PM
How do i start a local disability football team?
If you are thinking of starting a new disability team you should contact Greg Handsley the Football Development Officer (Disability) via emial: Greg.handsle...
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 3:15 PM
Is there any funding available for Disability Football?
Lincolnshire FA offers funding pots at different perios of the season, Click Here for additional information on potential grants available
Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 at 3:16 PM